Shashti Abda Poorthi (Sanskrit meaning: Sashti = 60, Abda = years,Poorthi = completion) is also known as ‘Sashti Poorthi’. It is a Hindu ceremony that is celebrated to commemorate the 60th birthday of a person.It is the turning point in a man’s life for at this age one has usually fulfilled his commitments to family and home and so he can turn his mind to spirituality. We can say that, the period before he reached sixty is defined by materialistic pursuits and thereafter it is to be defined by his strive towards spiritualism. Janmaabde, Janmamaasecha Swajanmadivase tathaa Janmarshe chaiva kartavyaa shanti rugrarathaahvayaa Devaalaye nadeeteere swagruhe vaa shubhasthale As per the above-mentioned mantra, Sashti Abda Poorthi could be conducted in the year, month and the day a person completes 60 years of age. If this is not possible then an auspicious day as per the person’s birth chart is fixed during the year before the completion of sixty years. Usually, Sashti poorthi is celebrated at the completion of the 60th year and the ushering in of the 61st year.

The Rituals Involved Even before commencing the ceremony, the morning rituals like bath and sandhya vandhanam are carried out to purify the body. Vedic Pundits will now give permission to start the rituals, this is referred to as ‘ANUKJNA’.
Ganapathi Pooja is done as in all the Hindu rituals.
Sankalpam : The couple prays to the almighty to grant them a healthy and contented life. They also seek blessings from God to free from the sins committed and bad effects of forthcoming planetary periods.
Graha Preethi Dhana and Vaishna Sradham are conducted at this stage.
‘Abyuthaya Sradham’ or ‘Nandee Sradham’ is performed to seek the blessings of the ancestors.
Punyaham is done so as to sanctify the venue. It is also symbolic of purifying one’s body and mind.