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In Satabhishekam some pooja and homam will perform which is written by SHOUNAKA RISHI which is called shounakokta prakaram. In that prayogam Brahma, Prajapati, Charturmukham

Hirnayagarbham is main swamy to avahanam in kumbha and then aayurdevta, mrityunjay, nakshatra devata , navagrah devata and asthadikpal devata also . Then shodasopachar pooja will perform by vadhyar and some japam which is told by rishi in this prayogam. after the japam homam will be perform by vadhyar that is bramha suktam,gritasuktha,agnirayushman eti punch mantram,aayushya haomam, mrutyunjaya homam and each avahit devata homam., swishtakeitam,jayadi and poornahuti. mahaganapati homam is not their in prayoga. RUDRA EKADASI is not the part or poorvanagam of shastibthapoorthy.bhimaratha shanti or satabhisekham .Any one can perform rudra ekadasi when ever he want no age boundation. Sadabhishekam Function organizer in Bangalore and they have the services aslo.

This is not so long tradition, before 25 30 years before sathabhisekam,shastibdhapoorty,bheemrathsanti they were arrenfe veda parayana and kushmand homam only but now this day rudra ekadasi take place as a poorvangfam which is not is my opinion only

They are doing without this rudhra ekadasini. kooshmaanda homam and aayushya homam. are done now. any body can do at any time they want to do rudhra ekadasini which costs 30,000 rupees, besides this sastrikal dakshinai, there are dasa dhaanam before and after this rudhra ekadasini and nandhi and vaishnava sratham and krichram and meals and tiffen expenses are there.

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