Marriage Arrangement Service In Bangalore
  • Kalyana Mandapam
  • Beautian for Groom and Bride 
  • Mangala Vadhiyam
  • Garland Flowers
  • Kolam Drawing in Mandapam

Vaideega Materials

  • Angumani Items with Containers / Sirrapu Samanangal (Provisions and Veg.)
  • Nichayathartha Arrangements
  • Kasi Yatra Items (Umbrella, Book, Stick and Hand Fan)
  • Seer Bakshan for Both Families
  • Haarathy& Pachapudi Arrangements
  • Unjal and Muhurtha Mandapam Decorations
  • Tamboolam bag with coconut
  • Muhurtha Crush
  • Spl. Tea, Coffee, Boost & Milk
  • Betel, Seeval, Rasikalal Nuts & Beeda
  • Serves in Uniforms & Gloves for Hygenic Service
  • Mineral Water, Disposable Cups & Paper Roll

Marriage Arrangement Details of Day 1 A to Z

Day 1: Morning

  • Starts with morning Coffee or Tea
  • Welcoming maplai with Elephant
  • Swamy Maalai
  • Welcome Maalai for Maplai & Mappilai Family
  • Vridha Malai
  • Pattupai Bride or Groom
  • Uthripuspam
  • Crackers
    Seasonal Flowers
  • Three Pair of parupu thenga kutti
  • 500 gm Of paltherattipall & thengatharattipall with Steel Box
  • vridham
  • AtoZ Vaadhyar Materials Including Naandhi
  • Appam & Mirror
  • Aarthi
  • Tiffen & Lunch (As your Wish With Smile Service)
  • Nadhaswaram , Photography and VideoGraphy
  • Vridham Kolam (Bride and Groom)
  • Mineral Water In Glass / Bottle

Day 1: Evening

  • Nischithamboolam Kolam
  • Sculpture Decorations(Bommai
  • Nichayathartha Maalai
  • Jadai and Uthripuspam
  • 2 pair of Parruputhenga Kutti
  • All types of fruits with Thambalam

Seasonal Flowers

  • Snacks With Coffee or Tea(As Your Wish)
  • Jaanavasm ( Car, Elephant, Ther with horse with petro Max light and Crackers)
  • Pattupai Bride or Groom
  • Beautian for Groom and Bride

Marriage Arrangement Details of Day 2 A to Z

Day 2: Morning

  • Early Morning Coffee or Tea
  • Pushpa Alangaram for Mandapa Medai
  • Maathu Maalai
  • Spl. Muhurtha Maalai
  • Seasonal Flowers
  • Uthripushpam
  • Muhoortha Kolam
  • Kashi yathrai Material Including Chappal
  • Onjal Decoration
  • Muhurtham Juice
  • A to Z Vaadhyar Meterials
  • 1pair of Parruputhenga Kutti
  • Cheer Bhagshangal
  • Aarathi
  • Thamboolam Bag with Coconut
  • Tiffen and Lunch ( As ur Wish with smile service)
  • Nadhaswaram, Videography and Photography
  • Mineral Water in Glass / Bottle

Day 2: Evening

  • Snacks with Coffee or tea
  • Seasonal Flowers
  • Nalangu
  • Dinner (With Smile Service)
  • Angamani Cheer
  • Katti chada Kudu with Hot paper box
  • Transport
  • Mineral Water In Glass Bottle
  • Subam

Arrangements (If Required)

  • Name Board of Bride & Bride Groom
  • Plantain Trees for Panthal
  • Reception Decorations, Stage Backdrop
  • Buffet Type Meals, Fresh Juice
  • Mineral Water Bottles, Hot / Cold Water Dispenser
  • Pani Puri / Bhel Puri / Pav Bajji
  • Pop Corn / Sugar Candy / Baloons / Chocolate Fountains
  • Photo and Video
  • Haarathy& Pachapudi Arrangements

Our Other Services

Crafting seamless unions with Catering Shastry. Your trusted partner for Marriage Arrangements, ensuring every detail reflects your unique love story with perfection.

Marriage Arrangement Service In Bangalore

Celebrate milestones elegantly with Catering Shastry. As your ShashtiPoorthi Function Organizer in Bangalore, we craft memorable celebrations blending tradition and joy seamlessly.

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Embark on a sacred journey with Catering Shastry. Your Upanayanam Function Organizer in Bangalore ensures a spiritually rich initiation ceremony, weaving tradition into every detail.

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Marking milestones with joy and tradition. Catering Shastry, your Sadhabhishekam Function Organizer in Bangalore, creates divine and culturally rich celebrations for your special moments.

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Welcome parenthood with elegance. Catering Shastry, your Sreemantham Function Organizer in Bangalore, crafts blissful moments for your baby’s auspicious welcome.

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Elevate your engagement with perfection. Catering Shastry, your Engagement Function Organizer in Bangalore, ensures a celebration that mirrors your unique love story with precision.

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Our Signature Dishes

Delectable Sweets

Indulge in a delightful array of traditional and North Indian sweets, including Kesari, Pineapple Kesari, Rasmalai, Rasgulla, and more.

Brahman Catering service in Bangalore

Refreshing Juices

Quench your thirst with our fresh juice selection, featuring Orange, Lime, Grape, and Pineapple juices, among others.

Brahman Catering service in Bangalore

Appetizing Chaats

Craving something tangy and spicy? Our Chaats are the answer! Savor Bhel Puri, Pani Puri, Masala Puri, and more.

Brahman Catering service in Bangalore

Scrumptious Breakfast

Kickstart your day with our mouthwatering breakfast options, from fluffy Idlys and crispy Dosais to savory Upmas and delectable Pongal.

Brahman Catering service in Bangalore

Flavorful Rice Delights

Experience a burst of flavors with our Mixed Rice dishes, including Puliyogarai, Coconut Rice, and more. An explosion of taste in every bite!

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Irresistible Ice Creams

Treat yourself with our delicious Ice Creams of Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, and more.

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